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About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to Spin Indoor Soccer Center, We are a family owned and operated facility with freindly and professional staff who are always available and here to serve you. We offer programs ranging from recreational levels to the serious players looking to take their games to the next level. There’s professional small group training, sports perfeormance training, youth and adult leagues, street soccer and much much more.

Our facility is equipped with two mega-24 foot fans and extra ventilation in place to provide comfort for our players. Whether you’re a retired soccer pro, a weekend hack, or a parent looking for enriching activities for your kids, we hope you enjoy your experience here at Spin Indoor Soccer Center. Check out our programs and sign up today.

Spin Indoor Soccer Center will not close on holidays except Christmas, Christmas Eve, Easter, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, New Year’s Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, and the 4th of July. Hours may vary on Super Bowl Sunday and Halloween.


15221 Fairfield Ranch Road, Unit 150
( The Last Unit at the End of the Building )
Chino Hills, CA 91709
Tel: 909-895-6339
Email: info@spinindoorsoccer.com

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Rules and Regulations

House Rules

  1. No player, coach or team recruiting for outside organizations.
  2. No un-sportsman like conduct.
  3. No fighting and offensive language.
  4. No outside food, drinks or alcoholic beverages.
  5. Only water is permitted.
  6. No spitting.
  7. No gum or candy.
  8. No parent coaching.
  9. Only players and coaches allowed in training areas.
  10. Everyone must sign a waiver before participation.
  11. Destruction of facility property will result in permanent removal from facility.
  12. Membership dues must be paid prior to games or programs.
  13. Spin Indoor Soccer Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.
  14. Players must check-in at the front desk before each class and or game.
  15. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Spin Indoor Soccer Center is not responsible for any minors waiting or left at the facility for any reason. Please be on time when picking up or dropping off the players.
  16. Ball kicking and playing only permitted inside the fields.
  17. The clock will start exactly at your determined program or game time. Please be on time.
  18. No refunds or credits on membership fees, team fees and or programs. Absolutely No Exceptions.
  19. All sales are Final and non-transferable.
  20. Spin Indoor Soccer Center may refuse service at its own discretion to registered individuals and/or teams

What to Wear

1.  Goalkeeper Attire: The goalkeeper must wear colors that distinguish them from all other players.

2.  Shin Guards & Socks: Are REQUIRED for all players. Socks must be worn over shin guards.

3.  Jewelry: A player may not wear jewelry (watches, bracelets, etc.) that is dangerous to themselves or other players. This may be at the discretion of the referee.

No Cleats Allowed

3 Goal Rule
If a team is up by 3 goals or more, the opposing team is given the option to add another player to the field. Note: In Youth Leagues, players must shoot outside the arc for the goal to count. Note: In Youth Leagues, players on the team who are up by three goals or more must shoot outside the arc for a goal to count.

3 Line Violation
A 3 line infraction occurs when the ball crosses, in the air, over both red lines without touching the wall, player, or the ground. This will result in a free kick from the red line closest to the original kick. Exception: Any team playing with two less players than the opposing team are not subject to the 3 line rule. Passing the ball over 3 lines toward your own goal is allowed.

Co-ed Macho Rule
Adult League Only – The intent of this rule is to protect female players from uncontrolled and unreasonably aggressive play by male
players. This will result in a foul called at the location of the female player. Example: A driven ball within arms reach and above the
waist of a female. The rule may be called on the discretion of the referee.

The Match

All games consist of two 22.5 minute halves with a 30-second halftime. The time between games is 1.5 minutes. Game clock will start even if the teams are not ready to play.

Adult League Rules

1. A non-refundable team deposit of $100 (plus tax) is due one week prior to the session start date (applied toward team fee). Deposits will be refunded ONLY if the league does not form.

2. Spin Indoor Soccer Center membership is required for all players. Membership pricing: $50 individual ($100 family). Non-members and players with an expired membership are ineligible for games, clinics or classes and cannot be on a team roster. All participants must have a current, signed waiver form can be completed online or printed (en espsañol) and brought in person.

3. There will be a minimum of seven games for the Summer & Fall Session, and up to twelve games for Winter I, Winter II, & Spring. Earliest game time will be 5:40pm and latest will depend on how many teams participate.

4. Must be at least 16 years of age (with parent permission) to participate in Spin Indoor Soccer Center adult programs. No exceptions.

5. Any individual can join a House Team* (must be paid when added to a roster); House Teams have a minimum of eight players and a maximum of 12 players. *Maximum of six male and six female players allowed on Co-ed House Teams. First-come first–served.

Youth League Rules

1. A minimum of 10 players is required on the roster. Spin Indoor Soccer Center reserves the right to add additional players as needed. Team managers will be notified. Leagues with fewer than five teams may be merged with age groups either one year older or younger. Managers will be notified should this be necessary.

2. Leagues with fewer than five teams may be merged with age groups either one year older or younger. Managers will be notified should this be necessary.

3. Individual player fees only. No team fees.

4. Space and late registration are subject to availability. Player fees are due by day of the first game, no exceptions.

5. Current Spin Indoor Soccer Center membership required. Membership pricing: $50 individual ($100 family).

6. House Teams are available for any individual player (U9 – HS) who wishes to play but does not have an organized team. House Teams are limited to 12 players. House teams are coached by volunteer parents. If interested, please let us know!

7. Scheduling can get tricky when we are accommodating teams of all ages and levels of play. We try to be fair and provide balanced schedules for all teams, but please note the indicated days of play are the “primary” days of play. Games may be scheduled on other days if necessary. Weekend games start as early as 7am.

8. At the time of registration, please place your schedule requests. We accept schedule requests relevant to the first two weeks of the season to accommodate outdoor schedules. Please note that these requests are not final but will be taking into consideration while scheduling.

Employment Opportunities

We’re always looking for hard workers who appreciate the art of good customer service to join our team. Spin Indoor Soccer Center is a fast-moving company with many opportunities for growth. We encourage our team to have fun while delivering fungoing the extra mile to ensure a good experience for our customers. If this sounds like a good fit for you, we’d love to hear from you.

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Please contact us to find out more information about our partnership programs.